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“I am so grateful to Ángela for the impact that she has had on my life and on my future. Beginning tutoring almost a year and a half ago, I was nervous and had so many doubts about my Spanish. My pronunciation was inconsistent, I made simple grammar mistakes, and I had never been given the opportunity to actually use my Spanish skills. I took Spanish classes for six years throughout high school and middle school. I was motivated by the idea that I could meet other people and use my language skills to make connections that break through language barriers. Ángela has given me that opportunity. Not only have I been able to grow linguistically, but I have made an everlasting friend and learned about her culture and traditions. My Spanish has improved so much and at the same time, I have been given the priceless opportunity to learn from a different perspective. I look forward to my meetings with Ángela. She encourages me and guides me to understand my mistakes. She explains things so that you can understand them and meets you where you’re at. The best thing about Ángela’s classes is that they are student-centered. She wants to work on what is important to you and as you grow, the class grows with you. I am now studying Spanish and Education in college. I am confident that with the Spanish foundation that Ángela has helped me to build, I am going to have a successful future with limitless opportunities.”


Student, from Massachusetts, U.S.A.

“Ángela, granadina y almeriense, con su sonrisa eterna y contagiosa parece estar siempre de buen humor.

Escucha bien a sus alumnos, adaptándose a sus niveles y a sus intereses. Además, hay muchas cosas en las que está interesada ella también. Siempre hay suficientes temas de discusión, en clase el tiempo pasa volando.

Habla un español de alto nivel, aunque muy natural. Cuando te corrige, y lo hace, lo hace sin interrumpir tu discurso, es decir, sigue escuchándote. A mí eso me gusta particularmente. Siempre es un placer hablar con ella. Por cierto, tiene un aspecto que no es nada español: es puntual.

Una cosita más: estoy trabajando con Ángela desde hace unos 6 meses y me doy cuenta de mi progreso. De hecho: el progreso me impresiona – y me sorprende – a mí mismo. Siento que mi zona de confort se ha ampliado de tal manera que me siento a gusto en todas las situaciones – hispanohablantes – en las que me encuentro.”


Psichologist, from Belgium

“I needed to learn Spanish on regular basis and I had hard time to commit to this resolution. Until I found out about the amazing Angela on Instagram! Such a relief! I m taking her classes for over a year now! Her methods are simple, and her nice personality makes the learning fun. I am happy about my Spanish level! I started talking for hours with my Spanish native friends. Thank you so much for your help Angela! I highly recommend your classes to anyone serious about learning the language in such academic and creative ways.”


Entrepreneur, from Marrakech, Morocco

“Ángela is an enthusiastic, intelligent young Spanish teacher, who teaches her students with dedication, joy and passion. I have been taking classes with her for over 18 months already. During this time, I have learned a lot about the Spanish language, culture and country. If I would have to decide for a Spanish teacher again, I would always choose Ángela. Her enthusiasm, cheerfulness are simply contagious for anyone.”

Medical student, from Düsseldorf, Germany

“Ángela was a great help in getting me ready for the DELE B2 exam. Although I’d already been practicing on my own, my spoken/written Spanish levels were not where they needed to be, and being able to converse with a native speaker on a weekly basis was exactly what I needed to get to the next level. Above and beyond our conversations, she provided great feedback about where my vocabulary and grammar needed improving, as well as giving me written assignments each week on a wide range of topics. Largely because of Ángela’s wonderful teaching methods, I passed the exam – and one of my highest scores was on the oral section! If you’re serious about learning Spanish and want a teacher who is knowledgeable, fun and engaging, you can’t do any better than Ángela.”

Musician, from Montreal, Canadá

“Last April , with Covid-19 becoming an undeniable fact , I decided to take Spanish classes on zoom and to improve my level both in speech and in writing. I found Angela and since then, we’ve been with king together for the last 8 months. Angela is extremely responsible and reliable. She’s smart , quick and very accommodating. She understood my needs as a tour guide immediately and she very simply “gets it” on the spot. She always sends me our new vocabulary immediately after our classes and tries to match her schedule with my needs as much as she can. I’m always looking forward to my next Spanish lesson! I highly recommend her as a teacher and also enjoy her as a smart and gifted young woman.”

Tour guide, from Tel-Aviv, Israel

“Angela is patient, organised and always ensures the lessons are fun. She understands the correct level to pitch lessons at and always tries to work in an aspect of both grammar and conversation in all lessons. She links lessons to your interests and provides helpful resources. I’ve been working with Ángela for more than a year now, and I can definitely say that she is a fabulous teacher!”

Language therapist, from Melbourne, Australia

“¡Recomiendo totalmente las clases con Ángela! Me encanta su método de enseñanza de español. Ángela es una persona muy simpática e interesante y por supuesto también es profesional. Nuestras clases son muy efectivas y productivas. Ella puede explicar conceptos complicados de la lengua española con simples palabras. Siento que mi nivel de español está mejorando mucho. ¡Es un placer estudiar español con ella! Ángela, thank you for lessons and for good mood :)”


from Moscow, Russia , Marketing

“I found Ángela on LinkedIn, a professional website which I trust. And indeed Ángela is a very professional Spanish teacher with passion for her work. I have one to one on-line class with her and she is flexible and adaptable to my level. We started from the materials she prepared, gradually switched to free talk. It is really fun and interesting! Ángela always sent me the summary of our discussion after the class, well written and professional. My Spanish is getting better, so I absolutely recommend her.”

SAP Consultant, from China (living in Barcelona)

“Ángela is a fantastic Spanish teacher! My Spanish has really improved since I began my lessons with her, over a year ago. She’s really easy to talk to and I always look forward to our lessons. Ángela also corrects me when I make mistakes, this has really helped me to make progress. Thanks for all your help, Ángela!”

Language teacher, from Glasgow, United Kingdom

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